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Canatxx Gas Storage Scheme

 17th July 2017 Update


This Canatxx planning application is to store 1.2 million tonnes of natural gas in the Preesall salt field. Protect Wyre Group has been objecting to this proposed development due primarily to fears that it will be unsafe, that gas at 1,100psi will migrate (escape) from the unlined salt caverns, mix with air and form an explosive mixture which could surface in any direction several miles from the site.

June 2014 Update

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) was given permission to challenge the judgement of Mrs Justice Patterson, where she ordered a redetermination of the application, and to return to the High Court for a further judgement DECC lodged an appeal and awaited a date at the High Court but that appeal was subsequently withdrawn by DECC DECC is now in the process of redetermining the application as originally directed by Mrs Justice Patterson Interested parties have been given the opportunity to write to the secretary of State to express their views concerning the redetermination and ALL the correspondence received will be available for the public to view from the following web link

A response from Protect Wyre Group to Senergy Assessment can be read here


It was proven and documented at the Public Inquiry in 2007/8 that gas can travel up to 7 or 8 miles underground from salt cavern storage schemes in this type of geology as it attempts to make its way to the surface.


After the Public Inquiry, the Inspector noted

“The information provided by the appellant is neither sufficient nor sufficiently detailed to support the proposals ” (20.15.2).


We are extremely concerned about the continued lack of investigation by Canatxx into the geology of the area even though they claim to have been working on the scheme for over 19 years. The Planning Inspector, following the comprehensive Public Inquiry on their previous applications clearly identified the extent of investigation necessary to prove the site safe. This investigation has not been done in any meaningful way.


It is documented that the area is sited between two large geological faults, namely the Preesall Fault in the East and the Burn Naze Fault in the West and also that the proposed site is criss-crossed with numerous smaller faults, fissures, and other adverse geological features , most of which remain to be fully identified, which makes the whole area a suitable candidate for gas migration and wholly unsuitable for gas storage.

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