Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Update 2015

The focus of the group continues to include a range of traffic issues which impact on both residents and pedestrians in Thornton.

Two years ago we understood that there was a possibility of getting two pedestrian crossings in Thornton. Sadly this didn't come to fruition. However we continue to pursue this as a target to support pedestrian safety and TAG members have been working with a local County Councillor to move this forward.

Two TAG members and the County Councillor joined the two lollipop men who work on Fleetwood Rd North, one at Sacred Heart School and one adjacent to Church Road to see what it was like helping children to cross to local schools. The County Councillor was very concerned regarding the behaviour of some drivers and the dangers sometimes faced by the crossing patrol.

Having observed this, the urgent need for pedestrian crossings to support our residents in crossing the road was clearly demonstrated. Hopefully, the County Council will follow up our findings by doing a traffic survey at the two locations. We recognise that this is a long process but will continue to pursue our aims to make the roads safer for pedestrians.

We continue to try to discourage HGV traffic from travelling through Thornton village to access businesses to the north of Thornton and Fleetwood.

Members have followed vehicles, heavily laden with soil, rubble or waste, all the way from the roundabout at Norcross, along Fleetwood Rd Nth to the tip at Jamieson Road.

This problem has recently been exacerbated by the road works on Amounderness Way at West Drive and Bourne Way. Now that these road works are completed we need to try to ensure that HGV traffic returns to the A585 Thornton bypass.

TAG has been successful in getting at least one sign, situated at the River Wyre roundabout, directing HGV traffic to follow the A585 towards Fleetwood in order to access Hillhouse International Business Park.

TAG has been represented at meetings at the two recycling plants and has reinforced the need, with other attendees, to ensure that vehicles accessing the facilities bypass Thornton village by using the agreed route via the A585.

We do still have HGV traffic travelling along Fleetwood Rd north to the Hillhouse Business Park and Jamieson Road tip and will contact the appropriate contractors about this.

Where appropriate, we continue to provide evidence at Planning Committee meetings when we feel that traffic or pedestrian safety is compromised as a consequence of a planning application.

Members of TAG worked with other groups to survey traffic at the River Wyre roundabout and Lambs Rd / Skippool Rd junction, in order to provide evidence as a consequence of the application to build on Lambs Rd. On occasions traffic queued back to Lambs Rd and would have been beyond the proposed site entrance for the planned houses.

An objection to the planned houses at the former Ashdel Nursery site was submitted and in particular, the lack of safety measures for pedestrians and young footballers playing on the field adjacent to the proposed access road, were highlighted.

We were concerned to learn that this application was passed by Wyre planning committee with no apparent conditions related to the playing fields attached.

TAG has received numerous reports of property damage on Fleetwood Road North due to the volume of heavy traffic which was made worse with the recent road works on Amounderness Way at West Drive and Bourne Way.

We will be leafleting residents to see how many houses are affected by vibration and other issues.

Speeding traffic is still an issue for many residents in Thornton. Particular problems appear to be on Waring Drive, Fleetwood Road North and Lawsons Road.. We will be liaising with the local police on these areas.

Some time ago we had meetings with the Highways Agency to discuss the possibility of improving facilities to allow pedestrians to cross the A585 safely and especially at the River Wyre, Norcross and Morrison’s roundabouts. At that time we weren't able to make much progress. We have recently been contacted by a County Councillor who wants to try to move this forward again – hopefully we might have some success this time round.

The HA have assured us that they will be doing some work on the A585 to make cycling safer for those who commute in this way.

If anyone has other concerns please contact TAG or come along to one of the TAG meetings to discuss issues. The dates for the meetings are on this website.