Thornton Action Group August 2021

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Covid is still dominating our lives as I write this 17 months after the lockdown of March 2020 – at which point we thought naively that 12 weeks would see us through! We are now being told that we will ”have to learn to live with it”! This does take some coping strategies depending on how vulnerable we feel or how desperate we are for life to open up and be “normal”. Of course Thornton Action Group Open meetings including our AGM have been on hold and will remain so as long as the infection rate is so high.

It is affecting everyone in different ways and I have sympathy for the fears and frustrations of all age groups, but there are some people who are letting frustration impinge on other people’s health and well being. It has come to our notice that we have a problem with anti-social car driving. There are numerous reports of very noisy ‘souped up’ cars being driven at high speeds around Thornton and across to Over Wyre when roads are quieter – 9 p.m. onwards and into the early hours of the morning. Sudden loud engine noise at 2 a.m. is disturbing sleep and causing alarm. It is of course difficult to catch vehicle number plates but if you are disturbed and can give a car description - and even a registration number than please ring 101. This will help the Police to monitor the situation and develop strategies to help. Ringing 101 will not solve the problem immediately but it will be a valuable flag up. The Police need the 101 evidence to enable them to act.

Some good news on the Masterplan for the Lamb’s Hill development. Wyre Planners listened to the concerns of TAG and local Councillors to the Baxter Addendum which sought to make an access into the south eastern part of the site from Raikes Road. Lancashire Highways recognised that this would cause problems and did not support the Addendum. Finally the Cabinet in their meeting in July gave approval to the Masterplan but not to the Addendum. This has been a time consuming effort by TAG over many months and we are pleased to see that common sense in this case has prevailed.

If you have any concerns that you think TAG should know about, then contact us by facebook or our website. Best wishes to everyone – stay safe and keep calm and we will carry on!

Jenie Phillips Chair TAG